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USA Softball Background Checks

As the National Governing Body of Softball in the United States, USA Softball has taken steps in an effort to protect the youth who particpate in our sport.

USA Softball has retained the services of First Advantage to provide timely background check screenings and all of its background checks are processed online through Background checks conducted by USA Softball are for the sole purpose of determining eligibility for USA Softball sanctioned events and are not used for employment screening. Local organizing bodies may conduct their own background screening and interviews to determine member eligibility in their programs. 

USA Softball annually conducts more than 70,000 criminal background checks of its participants. Members who are background checked include adult non-players in youth play, umpires, scorekeepers, staff and other volunteers. 

All coaches who wish to participate in the ACE Coaching Education program must consent and pass USA Softball’s background check in order to take the exam. Cost for the background check is included in the ACE exam fee. 

Participants who process an independent background check, normally paid by credit card on, receive an ID card from USA Softball stating that they’ve passed the background check. Other participants may receive notice of background check clearance through the form of an ACE ID card or on their individual team registration card. 

The cost for a background check $10.00 and depends on other services that can be bundled together such as ACE Exam or registration.

If your association wishes to do background checks for all of their coaches please consider using the Bulk Background Checks file on this page. By filling this out and returning it to Minnesota Softball you will be able to get all of your coaches checked and one invoice will be issued for your entire association.

If you want to get a background check for all of your coaches in your association and have the association pay for it, use the bulk background check document on the right. Fill it out and send it back to to start the process.

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