1.  Register your team prior to March 28th meeting so schedules can be created.  This can be done by either the director or the coach.

Age level links will be found here: https://tournaments.mnsoftball.com/#/pages/events

Register your 8-Under Team here.         League play starts May 4th.

Register your 10-Under Team here.       League play starts May 5th.

Register your 12-Under Team here.       League play starts May 4th.

Register your 14-Under Team here.       League play starts May 19th.

Register your Metro High School League Team here. League play starts June 1st.



Our new website for managing teams, rosters, leagues, and tournaments is https://tournaments.mnsoftball.com. This is where your team managers will create their teams, invite their players, join leagues, and join tournaments.

There are four (4) main tasks to complete.

  1. Create a user or log in.
  2. Create a team.
  3. Join your league.
  4. Invite your players/parents.


The first thing the manager should do is create a user. They should create themselves. They will create their family members later. They (and all users) will need to verify their email address. You will get an email from the system. Click on the link and verify your email address. Make sure you check your spam folder for the email as it may get trapped in there.

If you click on the forgot password link and do not get an email, you most likely do not have a login or user set up in this system. Keep in mind this is new. Most of you do not exist in the system.


Once the user is created and verified, they can then create a new team. They can do this by going to their “Dashboard” at https://tournaments.mnsoftball.com/#/pages/dashboard. Then click on “My Teams” and “Create a Team”.

You might see existing teams in the system under your dashboard. Those are likely from last fall. Do not use fall teams for spring/summer. Create a new team.

Under Sport, select Fastpitch. Under Season, select 2022 League Team. And fill out the rest of the form. If you do not select 2022 League Team, the system will ask you to pay $50 to register your team.


Once you have created a team you should join your league. You can see them by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Once you get to the league page at https://tournaments.mnsoftball.com click on the red Enter by May 1 button.

Select your team that you want to join the league.

Click on the “Check” tab. DO NOT PAY FOR THE LEAGUE AGAIN!

Click on the blue Reserve Spot, I will complete the payment outside of the system.

You should get a dialogue box that pops up that says, “Your spot is reserved”.



Once your team is created you can invite players to your team one of three ways:

  1. Click on the Roster button next to team name in the dashboard.
  2. Send your parents the Roster Password next to the team in the dashboard.
  3. At your first team event, click on Roster Password next to the team and show all your parents the QR code on your phone. They can turn on their camera app and it will send them to the site to create a user, create a child, and join a team.

This is new and change is difficult. Users right now are ignoring the verify email from the system. They are trying to log in to the system without creating a user. They basically are not following instructions.


For support there are a couple options:

  1. Where you get an error message, click on the Report Issue button in the lower right-hand corner. This is important because it tells the programmers which part of the website and code is failing.
  2. Use WhatsApp to communicate with me. (the programmers use this app all day and night long)
  3. Email me at dan@josoftball.com.
  4. Call me at 763-390-8105 which is my office phone. I would use this option last.