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Minnesota Softball Rosters


Go to and read the roster instruction document below or follow along on the instructions below.

Instructional videos can be found here

The purpose of using this system is to simplify the entire enterprise. Coaches will have less work to do. Parents and players will need to accurately create their existence in the database. As their data changes, they will have the power to update their address and other information.

The burden is no longer solely on the coaches which led to massive data errors or missing data.

This website will be the single source for:

  • Rosters and Printing Rosters
  • League Standings and Score Entry
  • Tournament Entry and Standings
  • Qualifier Tournaments
  • State Tournaments

Helpful images that better explain each step are also provided. If you click on the images they should expand so you can read them.

  • If you are on a phone the images are after each section.
  • If you are on a desktop the images are to the right of each section.

Topics Covered Below


Logging Into The System

Login to System

Login to System

Creating a New User

If this is the first time entering the system, use the instructions below. 

Remember to always create a user for yourself and not your son or daughter. You will create them later under your account as "family members".

The reason for this is you can have different roles in here like umpire, tournament director, or adult softball player. Even if you intend never to be one of those roles, please follow instructions.

Friendly words of advice. FILL OUT THE FORM COMPLETELY AND ACCURATELY. Enter your birthdate, not your child’s birthdate. Do not make up a false birthdate. If you do that, your birthdate may limit the actions you can make in the system.

Make sure to create a password that you will remember and click on “I have read and accept teams and conditions.”

Then click on the gray “CREATE AN ACCOUNT” button.

Create New User Image

Create New User Image


After clicking Create an Account you should get an email in your email account from the system.

Please click on “Verify Email Address”. This will take you to the website and will look like the image to the right.

Verify Email Address

Verify Email Address

Verified Email Address

Please click on “Verify Email Address”. This will take you to a webpage that will acknowledge your email address has been verified in the system.

Email Verified

Email Verified

Creating a Team

You should now be at your dashboard page which looks like this:

Now you can click on “Create a Team”.

Click on the “Create a Team” tab at the top of the page. Once you click on Create a Team you will see some questions to answer.

  1. Select the Sport you wish to register a team for.
  2. If your team plays in a USA Softball League, select 2021 League Team. If not, select 2021 Tournament Team.
  3. Select your team’s classification.
  4. Enter your team name.
  5. Enter your team city.
  6. Enter your team state.
  7. Enter your team county.
  8. If you selected 2021 Tournament Team you will be prompted to pay for the team’s registration.
  9. Click on Create Team.
Create A Team Link

Create A Team Link

Create A Team Dialog Box

Create A Team Dialog Box

Search for an Event

You can now enter tournaments by clicking on “Events” in the left-hand menu and then “Event Search” in the top menu.

You can search on the following things:

  • Sport Type (Baseball, Fastpitch, Slowpitch)
  • Class
  • State
  • Time Period (entire year or a month)
  • Event Name

You do not need to fill out the entire form which will help you get better results.

Event Search

Event Search

Enter an Event

Once you get to an event page you should see red boxes that allow you to enter the tournament, see the facilities, and see what teams have entered the event.

The red boxes look like this Enter by <date>.

You can also see what Facilities they are playing at.

You can also see what Teams are entered.

Event Page

Event Page


You can invite players to the team you just created by clicking on “Teams” in the left-hand column and “My Teams” in the top menu.

Now you can click on the Roster button. This sends you to your team's roster page.

And click on the green Invite Players button.

Invite Players

You now have three (3) options to invite players to participate with your team:

  1. You can “Invite Player”. This is most used to invite a new player to the system. Invite Player requires you to know the player’s Name, Email Address, and Phone Number.
  2. You can use “Your Players”. This is for players that have played on teams with you in the past. Your Players will have a list of players to select from.
  3. You can “Search Existing Player”. This would be for players you know exist in the system but have not played on your team. Search Existing Player will require you to select a state and search on a name and then select from a list of players.
Invite Player Dialog Box

Invite Player Dialog Box

Your Players Dialog Box

Your Players Dialog Box

Invite Existing Player

Invite Existing Player

Joining A Team

Once you “Invite Player” they will get an email asking them to join the system just like you did.

If the player exists in the system, they will get an invitation to join your team. The invitation will also exist on their Dashboard > My Family tab next to your player’s name and it will say “Join a Team”.

Join A Team

Join A Team

Or Join A Team This Way

  • If you are standing next to a player or parent with a cell phone you can go to your team page on your phone, and they can scan the QR Code with their phone and accept your invitation to the team. This might be the easiest way since most teams get together before the season to practice.
  • Or they can follow the separate set of instructions from the same page above to the right of the QR Code.
Another Option To Inviting Players

Another Option To Inviting Players


If you are having issues with the website or your email account, please let Dan Pfeffer know at

Or you can use the Report Issue Tool at the lower right of the website and follow instructions. The Report Issue Tool will send information to the programmers. This is most helpful if you are getting error messages.

The Report Issue tool has some different features you can use to explain your error messages. Get creative when you are sending information in please.

Support Button

Support Button