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USA Softball Selects

Congratulations - As being nominated for the USA Softball Selects  each player has been recognized as a Youth 1st player for your positive conduct and good sportsmanship during the 2021 Minnesota Softball 2021 season.  

Please convey our appreciation to your players, coaches, parents and fans for respecting the guidelines for a Conduct 1st Environment and putting our Youth 1st! 

Please review the PDF Flyer for more information.

Congratulations, we hope to see you at the Saints game  on either Wednesday August 18th or Friday August 20th.

We are looking forward to recognizing you at CHS Field!  Please RSVP to  Once you arrive, come join all the teams in the grass area behind left field for a short welcome message before heading onto the field.

Next step - purchase your tickets via the Saints online process - see the PDF Flyer for details.

Players and Coaches qualify for the $10 ticket offer, everyone else can purchase from any available seats.  If you have any questions or issues purchasing these through the online process or additional tickets, contact Michael Villafana at the Saints ticket office.  His contact information is  or (651) 288-9890.

We are still in search of volunteer coaches

Age Group # of Teams Coaches volunteered Coaches needed/preferred
10U 16 29 32
12U 16 24 32
14U 10 15  
16U/18U 5 6 4 assistants 


If you are willing to help out please email at

Each coach gets a coaches shirt.  I need the following information:

Team name you coached:
Your name:
Player you nominated that you want to coach:
Shirt size:
Cell number:

Thank you for volunteering.

2021 registrations are closed. We received 525 nominations which makes up 47 teams. Thank you!

We extended the registrations by 5 days to get past the state tournaments.  We are full now and we are under a tight deadline to get all the apparel ordered and completed.  

USA Softball Selects is a program that celebrates the players that best exemplify:

  • Conduct
  • Character
  • Community

We seek to improve the atmosphere of our leagues and tournament through our strategic partner in Youth1st. 

What role should youth sports play?
According to leaders in youth development, youth sports should provide opportunities for exercise, making friends, gaining competence, building confidence, learning about teamwork, taking risks, developing character and self-discipline.

The lasting value of participating in sports comes from helping our young people learn to Become Their Best.  All programs should be held to this standard.

Young people should learn to …

  • Be RESILIENT – Acknowledge that failure will happen, not to fear it, learn from it and get better – move forward, don't quit.
  • Be RESOURCEFUL – Learn to adapt to changing environments, changing personnel, learn to make adjustments, learn to problem solve and think differently.
  • Be RESPONSIBLE – Own it, learn to take responsibility for one’s own actions, be accountable.
  • Be RELIABLE – Do the right thing, all the time.  Show up, make the most of your opportunities.
  • Be RELATIONAL – Take your eyes off yourself, learn to work with and for others, be a giver – not a taker, learn to communicate well.
  • The VALUE is in each person’s development, not their performance!

USA Softball Selects




  • Nomination from will go live on July 1st.

  • Registrations will close at midnight Wednesday July 21st.  We extended registrations to 7/26.
  • July 27th-30th players will be sorted to make sure there is no information missing on each player.
  • July 31th- Since we added 5 days to the registration we moved the date to August 4th.  Players will be divided in to teams and posted by 3:00PM.
  • Game schedules and FLEXX schedule will be posted by Noon Wednesday August 11th. 
  • Coaches will be receiving players information by Tuesday and you should receive an introduction email by Wednesday, August 11th.
  • You must click on the appropriate age level tab at top of page to find out what team your daughter is on.
  • Please follow the Weekend schedule of events posted below.


Friday 5:00 to 6:15PM is team check-in, pick up shirts and meet your coaches and teammates.
*Players do not need to wear game pants Friday night.  You will put on your uniform to enter on the field to be introduced AND once teams have met there will be team photos before and after the ceremonies.
Friday 6:30PM- National Anthem
Friday 6:35PM- Welcome and Speeches
Friday 6:45PM- USA Selects Player and Coaches Introductions

Umpire team:  Minnesota Elite Umpires

Saturday 8:00AM- Games begin
Saturday 9:30AM- FLEXX Sports begins evaluation.  Your team will be pre-scheduled throughout the day for evaluations.
Saturday 6:30PM- Last round of games begin
Saturday 7:30PM- FLEXX will conclude evaluations for the weekend.

Sunday 8:00AM- Games begin
Sunday 5:00PM- Last round of games begin


Welcome to the USA Softball Selects nomination.  We are excited for the players you are about to nominate to the Select Teams.  We feel this will be a great way to recognize your community players for the commitment they have made to your organization. These players should be Selects in every sense of the term. They should be great players and great kids. Click on the above Link to nominate players and apply to be a coach.

Location Sunshine Park, Andover, MN.

Dates are August 13th to August 15th, 2021.

Opening ceremonies and check in will be on August 13th and games and evaluations by FLEXX Softball will be on the 14th and 15th.  

The cost to participate is $80.00 per player.


  1. Nominations and tournament will be run through Minnesota Softball.
  2. Team coaches and community directors are the ONLY people allowed to nominate.  Minnesota softball will invite teams and then the coaches will nominate off of their dashboard under "my teams"
  3. Process for players being nominated. Coaches will nominate a maximum of two players. Each team can only nominate two (2) players. We do not have room for more players. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  4. Coaches, we are always looking for coaches to coach.  If interested please consider volunteering.  There is a check box on the nomination form that asks "I want to be a volunteer coach" and then it will ask you what is your shirt size.
  5. Once the coach submits the nomination it automatically is sent to the parent.  Please confirm that the nomination was received by the player/parent.
  6. It is the parent’s responsibility to complete the nomination process for their child including payment by the deadline of July 22nd.  The nomination will be found on the parents dashboard.  Parents, please double check to make sure the correct spelling of last name of the player, shirt size and playing positions.
  7. The registration period will be from July 1st to July 22nd. We cannot take late registrations because we have to get information to printers to meet deadline. There are NO EXCEPTIONS.
  8. Players can expect to be separated. We are trying to create equal teams. The kids are capable of making new friends and will.
  9. Parents should not ever call our office. Work through your directors.


The USA Softball Selects weekend will be on August 13-15th.

Check-in and opening ceremonies will be on August 13th.

Three scheduled games and evaluations will be on the 14th and 15th.

The players along with their team will be evaluated on the following items.  

  • Measurable Test and Results
  • Speed
  • Arm
  • Bat
  • Strength
  • Game Report
  • Scouting Report
  • Skill Testing
  • Player Profile
  • Recruitment Locker