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Roster Help

New System Quick Training


Our new website for managing teams, rosters, leagues, and tournaments is This is where your team managers will create their teams, invite their players, join leagues, and join tournaments.

There are four (4) main tasks to complete.

  1. Create a user or log in.
  2. Create a team.
  3. Join your league.
  4. Invite your players/parents.


  1. Where you get an error message, click on the Report Issue button in the lower right-hand corner. This is important because it tells the programmers which part of the website and code is failing.

  2. Use WhatsApp to communicate with me. (The programmers use this app all day and night long.)
  3. Email me at
  4. Call me at 763-390-8105 which is my office phone. I would use this option last.

Below are the most frequently performed or asked about tasks. Click on each tab to learn more.